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Stillness Amidst the Hustle and Bustle
What is Mindfulness? The fast-paced and stressful culture in which we live can easily leave us feeling scattered, distracted and overwhelmed. We rarely have time to stop and experience the present moment. When we are facing stress, pain, illness or suffering, our usual ways of dealing with distressing emotions can often make things feel worse. Mindfulness has been clinically proven to improve both physical and mental health along with general well-being and, what’s more, the qualities of mindfulness can be developed in our lives in the same way as learning a new skill. Mindfulness can help you • Calm your mind • Deal with anxiety • Develop more confidence • Learn to concentrate better • Get more in touch with yourself • Positively influence your moods • Learn more about how your mind works • Be more aware • Appreciate life more • Feel better about yourself • Improve your relationships
At Urban Breathing Space, our aim is to deliver in-depth quality mindfulness training to help our clients establish and maintain their own effective mindfulness practice. We offer workshops, courses, one to one training, ongoing mindfulness supervision, workplace mindfulness training
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